Virat Kohli’s support for Dhoni is remarkable, says Sourav Ganguly

Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly began to come out to captain Virat Kohli in support of an under-fire MS Dhoni in his career pact.”He (Kohli) is a fantastic captain, I do not know what he does inside the dressing room or what he does efficiently, because I am away from the team. I do not know what he says in the team. Ganguly said during the launch of a book here, “Meetings, but the way they look for their players, it is remarkable.”

“I say about MS Dhoni and what I see about Virat on MS is good, a champion player (Dhoni) who is probably going to come to his last career and the future and saying that he is my man And I want him to play, “he added.

Some former Indian cricketers, including VVS Laxman and Ajit Agarkar, recently questioned the future of Dhoni’s T20I, which creates a great storm in the country’s cricket boards.

However, Kohli has said that his friendship with Dhoni has increased a lot for years and it is a blessing to be in favor of him.

Sourav Ganguly said, “He is a top class cricketer, one of the finest India has produced for a long time. He comes out, he handles it well.

“I like Virat Kohli and when I see him on the field, I sit on my couch and look, I have said that he is a champion player several times, when I lead him to India, then he will be in all circumstances. Very passionate, “Ganguly praised the current Indian captain.

When asked about his style of captaincy, Ganguly said, “Everyone has their own style. You have to give a person permission to blossom and give them.”
Ganguly said that he has the confidence to win his best legacy matches.

The 45-year-old former captain said, “It is difficult to identify a series, we were below 0-1 and won 2-1 against Australia, it was notable in 2001,” said the 45-year-old former captain.

“But I have been saying that you always decide how you are out of India, in the case of all our victories, Pakistan was also well, it is believed that we had an opportunity to win the legacy, Dravid Took over the captaincy, we went to England and won there in 2007, so it is the belief that we can win away, “he said.
One of the most memorable victories for India under Ganguly was the Natwest Finals of 2002 at Lord’s, where former captain and Virender Sehwag contributed 106 runs, while India was chasing 326 runs.

Recalling the famous NatWest final victory, Ganguly said that the captaincy was about to return his emotions.

He said, “We were doing a fantastic start and then Ronnie Irani came to bowl at our slow pace. I did not leave Sehwag at this level,” he said.

“Ronnie picked it up and Sehwag made a boundary. I asked him to turn the strike, he scored two more runs and made one more out. Finally I stopped stopping him, he understood I’m not happy.

“Later he told me ‘angry’ all those balls were ‘ineligible.’ The captain is not about being the master, it is also about holding back his tempers.

One of the most memorable images from that last, Ganguly was shaking his shirt and Lord’s was roaming deeply in the balcony.

“Before we had lost three finalists, many expressions after the game was a sigh of relief, I just went,” he said.

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