Sunny Leone on working with Imran Hashmi: My fans made us very happy together

If Sunny Leone participates in a film’s hotness, then Imran Hashmi promises his patent kiss scenes. Both enjoy a unique fan base, but their fans also had the desire to watch them on the screen. With the King’s “Piya More”, all the fans were given the wish of Sunny and Imran, for the first time in this song, romance with each other. While the fans have kept affection on this hot number, the actors are also admired for each other.

Recently, both of these were live on Facebook while interacting with their fans, Imran inquired about his first reaction, when he came to know that he would work with Sunny. Actor said, “I could not include my enthusiasm, I jumped and my director thought that I was mad and I am following her work, she is very talented, sing before the film starts shooting. It was actually recorded, this was the first program, Milan (Luthria) told me that she is going to dance with me. ”

Imran said that although he was happy he too was scared. “I was scared that I would step on that because I was a terrible dancer. I was disturbed by the whole dance sequence. I was nervous. I have always stepped on people.”

Live with Sunny and emraan

Hey everyone! Here I am…

Posted by Sunny Leone on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

When Sunny Leone was asked about his experience, Sunny said that he is very thankful about not being a troll for this song. “For most of my fans, it was unbelievable to meet Imran and me together. I got a good comment. I did not get misguided, so thank my fans for that.”

Recalling the first time when he saw Imran on the screen, Sunny said, “When I came to Bollywood, one of the first films was Dirty Picture, I saw you for the first time, so, it is always in my mind . “

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