Spanish Super Cup, 1st leg: Cristiano Ronaldo was sent but Real Madrid took advantage of 3-1 against Barcelona

Catalonia: Cristiano Ronaldo scored and Real Madrid lost the title by winning Barcelona 3-1 in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup by Barcelona.

After blasting Madrid for a 10-minute lead with a 2-1 lead, Ronaldo was offered only as a second-half option, two stunning yellow cards were shown.

However, Real expanded its profits with 10 people for a spectacular strike from Marco Asansio.

Earlier, Lionel Messi’s fines had canceled Gerrard Pickek’s own goal because Barka had failed to get an early lead as he needed Neemer’s departure for Paris Saint-Germain.

On Wednesday again meet again in Madrid for the second phase.

Madrid’s owner Zinedine Zidane said, “I am proud of the players because they have performed very well with 10 people,” Madrid’s owner Zinedine Zidane said, who was hoping that Madrid could appeal to Ronaldo’s Red Card So that they can release them for the second phase.

After the scoring, the book was booked for launching the World Chess of the Year, and the referee Ricardo de Burgos Bagnogetixia saw a second yellow card when he plunge in an attempt to win the penalty.

However, Ronaldo can be more difficult because he pushed the referee on the back after showing his career 10th red card.

Contradicting Madrid captain Sergio Ramos, he said, “He did not do anything at any time.”

“You have to make an appeal because sending a major player with 10 minutes to go to the referee was to evaluate the situation in a different way.” Without Neymar, Barça was struggling to advance his rhythm because Gerard Deulofeu failed to influence the role in front of Messi and Luis Suarez

“This is a very unfavorable result and we have to accept that they are now favorite,” the new Barça boss Ernesto Valverde began to despair during his reign.

“But we need to play another game. Everything just ends after a defeat.”

After the break the game exploded, after an unnaturally silent first 45 minutes.

Madrid immediately extended a gear at the beginning of the second period and was rewarded with the goal of opening an event that would have pleased the most real fans

The pick was often abandoned in Madrid as the main stimulant of Madrid, but as a Spanish international embarrassment because he turned into Marcelo’s delivery in front of helpless Ter Stein in his own net.

Only the approval of an incredible goal line from Jordi Alba stopped Dani Carvajal from doubling twice after the benefits of Madrid, as the game started.

Ronaldo was reserved by Zidane, who had abandoned the pre-season after participating in the Confederations Cup with Portugal, but in the end an action-packed camouflage was presented on the mark of this time for the presence.

With Asensio in place of Mateo Kovacic, Messi was given more license to make Barca and bring him back into the game because Messi had made mistakes in the palms of Keylor Navas before Sergio Busquets trampled in some way .

Argentina scored a penalty on penalties from penalty spot, after which the Navy reduced Suarez to 13 minutes in time.

However, Madrid took just three minutes to lead the lead in stunning fashion, as Ronaldo bites in pico before curling in the top corner.

And as Barca progressed, Madrid raised hosts with counter-attack when Asansio exploded in the corner above the edge of the box because the game was recorded at all in the stoppier time, but assured that it was 10 They will take super cups for the time being.

Ronaldo was booked to take out his shirt to celebrate his goal and a few minutes later he was sent to a disputed field when a penalty was charged for diving into the box. Finally, Asansio closed things for Real Madrid as a goal in the form of a top shot, and thus added to Barca’s crises. Perhaps the match proved that what was for Neymar Catalan!

See the full video here …

The second leg will be played in Santiago Bernabeu on August 16.

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