Shahrukh Khan: We have sold our souls for ourselves

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan believes that his family seemed strange to the Paparazzi culture, but now they consider it to be a part of their lives. They say that their family has sold their spirits for photographs.
Shahrukh said , “(Being photographed) is part of stardom, which we all have accepted … I think everyone is a fair game in this day and age. Has sold for it. ”
Three children from Shahrukh who are married to Gauri Khan are Arya, Suhana and Abram.
In a video that went viral last month, 17-year-old Suhana felt helpless and uncomfortable because he tried to hide his face and turned around to avoid the shutterbugs, while he was able to open a lift in a theater’s basement Were waiting for the doors.
“I think the kids start feeling awkward with all the stuff, every time I go to a public place, I do not take them with me, my wife does not come, my children do not come, alone or after Went in, “said Shahrukh.
To avoid such occasions, Shahrukh said that he made some adjustments for his family.
Shahrukh said, “There is some adjustment … one of them was that I sent them to study abroad, not because of the investigation, but because the attention given to them is so strange, it seems awkward “Shahrukh said.
“I am glad they have gone, where they are studying, people do not know me at large. (But) I am taking photographs with them.
“I think the photographers come, stand up, make a picture and say, ‘can I go now?’ And they will listen to you. I know them for 25 years, “he said.
Shahrukh has said that his children feel that “photographing is not important”.
“Not many times, they will tell me how to deal with Paparazzi, they say, ‘Papa, do not make your anger anymore. There will be a lot of people.’ I think they are quite mature about it, “he said.

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