Shah Rukh Khan realizes that his ‘whole career is made with memorable songs’

Can you imagine Shah Rukh Khan’s movie without singing? Well nobody can do it!
The King of Bollywood, who initially felt that there is no use of music in films, recently acknowledged that his “whole career” was made of “good music and memorable songs”.
“I am from Delhi, with the background of the theater, when I started my career, I did not know the value of music, I thought that I do not need music in my films, then my mindset was like this. Now I know that my entire career is made of good music and memorable songs, in every song I have a romantic or dance number, it is very beautiful, “he said in a press in the media Addressing the conference, for his upcoming film ‘When Harry Meth Sejal’
He then said, “Then I understood that music holds great importance in our country. Music plays an important role in every corner and corner of our country. A few days ago, I was telling Imtiaz (Ali) that one day in our industry Will never come when there will be no songs in our films. ”
Khan, who was first seen riding a tractor during the campaigning in the green areas of Punjab in one day, expressed his love for Punjabi beats and music.
Apart from this, when talking about ‘When Hari Mate Sejal’, the ‘Dilwale’ actor said that the film is about a love story, which states, ‘to love and to leave my love’.
“In today’s generation, even I have two children of adolescence, I believe that we should teach our generation two major things, live your life according to your wishes, but its roots, the value of the country And never forget the classical culture. This value in our film is not about any message like ‘Chak De India’ or ‘Swades’, this movie is about a love story In. Only do not give the same message of love and leave your love. Has said.
During the press conference, 51-year-old actor expressing his condolences on recent devastating attacks on pilgrims said, “The attack on pilgrims of Amarnath pilgrimage is very scandalous and tragic and I have tweeted about it” I thoroughly. ”
He says, “I believe that where there is faith there is bravery. I believe that our belief in God and religion is the result of immense courage. Terrorism or any kind of evil is in front of our courage and belief Not even. ”
On the job front, Shah Rukh’s ‘Jaab Hari Mate Sejal’ directed by Imtiaz Ali is also with Anushka Sharma.
This is Shahrukh and Anushka’s ‘Rab Ni Bana Di Jodi’ and ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ is the third collaboration.
‘When meeting with Hari Sejal’ is ready to hit theaters on August 4th.

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