Priyanka Chopra Quantico has returned to Season 3 in New York and can not wait to find her new house

Priyanka Chopra is back in New York and she is hoping to find a new home in the city because she is returning to shoot for the American television series, Quantico’s third season. The actor took over his Instagram account and shared a picture of himself with the title, “Time to travel .. again .. and home hunting! # Quantico 3.” After the show written in March, Priyanka got New Zealand Had purchased himself for Quantico 2 and packed his bag to deal with ‘uncomfortable feelings’, then to return to his Alma Mater in India.
After that, he tweeted about it and wrote, “Packing a house is such a contradictory spirit! There are so many things that pop up that you do not remember … the last official week in NYC till next time.” Priyanka is in the West Has become a popular face when he played the role of FBI agent in thriller drama Quantico, and his Hollywood debut, Beawatch, where he won the Victoria Leeds Security.

Travel time.. again.. and House hunting! #quantico3

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However, the actor of Dil Dhadan Doe also shared a video, where he is looking deep into the tunes of “Kaala Chashma”. “Hahaahah .. @ irfan525 I miss you brother!” The title of the video reads where Priyanka looks cool in black shades and her leather jacket.

Recently, Priyanka has made headlines because of her contribution to quality education for girl’s initiative as Goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. Recently, she pledged to give as much support as possible to educate girls as much as possible.

She also joined Emmy Awards in 2017 and she went on the red carpet as head and gave away prizes for the outstanding Variety Talk series for John Oliver for “Open Week Tonight with John Oliver”.

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