NEET 2017: CBSE can modify the score of all the candidates

The Allahabad High Court has recently directed the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to revise the points given to all NEET 2017 candidates.

Many National Eligibility cum Entrance Examination (NEET) 2017 students are still not satisfied with the result of wrong answers for one of the 180 objective type questions given in the answer key, the Allahabad High Court recently held the Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE) to revise the points given to all candidates

The bench comprising Justice Tarun Agarwal and Justice Ashok Kumar passed the order.

This announcement was announced announcing a petition filed by Saumitra Gigodiya, who enrolled 665 marks of 720 marks in undergraduate medical courses in NEET 2017 and achieved all India rank of 137.

More on the report:

The petitioner, Soumitra Gagodia, went to the court with disagreements that he was “disappointed to see that the official reply of the examination number 172 was wrong” after which he submitted a report for payment of “OMR grading, 1,000 rupees.”

Also, after getting no response from the CBSE, the petitioner filed an RTI application which was “pending”, after which, after filing a petition, he filed a petition and said that “those who pray for a petition of the regulations, by the petitioner Responsible for making the decision about the challenge made “and” to provide 05 points to petitioner for question number 172 “.

While allowing the petition, the court said:

“We find that question no. 172 can not be answered by any candidate in the test booklet, so we are of the opinion that the benefit in the big interest of the administration should be extended not only to the petitioner, but also to all the candidates. ”

“The applicant is entitled to be awarded 05 points (04 points for question and 01 points for zero to curb). We also direct the CBSE to give all the candidates a proper number for the question number 172 in the same way. And given the questions in other manuals, “the court said in a PTI report recently.

Apart from this, the division bench said, “Even though the petitioner had not withdrawn the prescribed fee for challenging an important answer, because we find that the challenge made by the petitioner was right. We are of the opinion that the petitioner will get Rs. Accordingly, we are ordering the CBSE to return 1,000 rupees to the applicant as soon as possible. ”

NEET in Urdu in 2018:

In the beginning of this year, after the online petition organized by the Student Islamic Organization (Sio), the Supreme Court has agreed with the Center to include Urdu as a language in the National Eligibility and Entrance Examination (NET).

Here Justice Deepak Mishra said:

Justice Deepak Mishra and A.M. A bench headed by Khanvilkar said in a statement presented by Solicitor General Ranjeet Kumar to the Central Government that it did not organize the National Eligibility cum Entrance Examination (NETT) in Urdu medium from 2018.

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