Maharashtra NEET 2017: Filling Online Options for Third Round Consultation

New Delhi: Maharashtra’s General Entrance Examination Room, Maharashtra has started the process of filling elections for the third round of consultation with MBBS and BDS courses. In this consultation, All India Kota seats will be included in the state quota. Filling the election will continue until 20 August 2017, 5:00 pm Based on their performance in NEET 2017, counseling will be done for all eligible candidates of the state.

In addition to the All India Kota seats in the state quota, the council will also be consulted for the seats, but the students did not join the institute, the seats canceled during the second round, vacant seats of the disabled persons (PWDs) and the seats consultation During the second round of no one was not allocated.

The following candidates will have to make new applications and fill the new preferences:

  • Candidates who did not apply during the period from June 28 to July 10, 2017.
  • Candidates who applied for counseling and they were allotted a seat but they did not enroll in the allotted course.
  • Candidates who applied for counseling, allocated a seat, took admission and resigned, but to take part in the consultation.

The above mentioned candidates will have to pay the rupee fee. 1000 and Rs 60, August, 2017 through the challan generated during the process of filling the application form in the nearest SBI bank branch.

The following candidates will be able to edit their preferences:

  • Candidates who applied for counseling, but not selected in any course, want to change their priorities.
  • Candidates who were selected for the Health Sciences course are accepted and upgrade the curriculum and desires and do not fill the position retention form.
  • Candidates who were selected for the Health Sciences course are accepted and pursue the course and fill the Status Retention form, but wish to withdraw retention and desires to participate in the upgrade.

If the above mentioned candidates fail to fill their preference, their previous priorities will be considered. For all those candidates, who have already joined the course, their current course will be considered as their last choice.

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