Kapil Sharma learns that he is not “business-minded” as a producer

Comedian-made film maker Kapil Sharma is excited about his new film Firangi, saying that he is not a “business-minded” creator and enjoys the creative part of filmmaking.

Kapil has produced Firangi and has acted in it too. Asked whether it is difficult to work together in acting and production, Kapil told IANS: “I feel that I am not considering business as a producer, which I want to be, a movie For example, in the film, which we shot in Punjab, we were waiting for the real winter arrival so that we could capture the beauty of Punjab in the winter. K: How do people look like a shawl in a village wedding, and how much big fat from our big life looks like Punjabi marriage? In fact, we fired in the real fog, at a beautiful place in the ropar, from where the Sutlej The river passes. ”

“Considering this expansion of beauty, we did not know that in the winter, the day is short, and therefore the shooting schedule has been extended to normal, therefore, the budget also increased, so I realized that I am someone who Say, enjoy creativity and entertainment, but I am not very good with finance management. ”

In the 1920s, the story of the movie “Firangi”, which was established in Punjab, revolves around a village named Manga which passes through difficult times in the society to be a servant of the British Government, when Indians were fighting for independence. In the vicinity of 1920, Jalianwala Bagh was quite sensitive in the freedom movement after the massacre. Was he the trigger for taking the subject for the movie?

Kapil said: “Look, there are two factors in the movie that I am interested in taking it. First of all, this film is not talking about the problem only that the era of the 1920s It also shows the British government in a positive light. In most of the films, we have seen the fight between the brutal British people compared to the afflicted Indians, in this film a balanced approach Indians who served the British were not patriots, they should be truthful to the ruling government because they were serving them and they were paid to serve them. Without promotion, in light veins, our The film addresses all these points. ”

Kapil has won the audience’s heart with his humor, but he believes that he is in a continuous process to change his image.

“Back in Amritsar, I used to work in many serious and intense plays and used to sing in different festivals. I did not have any image of comedian, therefore, when I went for ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’ Gone, people asked me that as a serious actor, I will manage the comedy, now people ask me just opposite – how will I break the image of a comedian? The fact is everything is just a show or from a movie … I’m an entertainer, so I want to play all the emotions. ”

Guided by Rajiev Dhingra, Firangi is being released on December 1.

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