Kapil Sharma finally breaks silence on depression: his show is closed off and shows a lot!

After several months, Kapil Sharma finally broke his silence on spreading rumors that have been circling social media for a long time.

A lot has been written since his results with Sunil Grover and he has been told about Kapil Sharma. Even after the infamous mid-air fight between Kapil and Sunil Grover, on March 18, 2017, the TRP of ‘Kapil Sharma Show’ has come down a lot.

Since then, things have been professionally changed for Kapil and Sunil, who were popular for their humor and their fans’ laughing skills, were caught every day in the middle of a new controversy.

The comedian star recently made headlines after Anil Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, and Mubarakan team waiting for hours on sets for promotion of the film. But Arjun later cleared the air with a tweet that Kapil could not shoot because of his ill health.

There were rumors about the famous showcase, due to his show leaving the TRP, ‘depression’ is suffering from it.

After heading the headlines for all the wrong reasons, the show ‘Kapil Sharma Show’ was also targeted on the comedy King Kapil Sharma’s show. It was reported that the show could soon go to the air.

Well, Kapil was silent about what was being said and what was written about him. But in the end, the comedian opens each and everyone wants to know about his fans. In an interview with Dainik Bhaskar, after his fight with Sunil for the first time, a comedian turned actor turned the air on air on his show, never liked depression and long ago.sharma-kapil

Talking about his health, Kapil said, “For the past few months, I was jogging my time between ‘Kapil Sharma Show’ and my film Firangi. I was working day and night to take care of my health Besides, I did not find much time to do, besides, I had stopped exercising and exercising regularly, this led to the development of low blood pressure. Now, I have changed my routine and my self Sthe is perfectly fine. ”

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Not once but twice, Kapil had to go to hospital because of low BP. The comedian star also canceled the shoot with Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma for Jab Hari Met Sejal Promotion. Later, he did not even stand as a set of Mubarakan team but Kapil’s health was absolutely fine once he went to shoot for the Mubarakan team.

To clean the air upon waiting for hours for his guests, Kapil said, “Look, I was thighing between my show and film. I was under tremendous pressure and it is quite reasonable that we have all the health issues We are above and below us, are not we? I felt ill and she was fine, it was real and people around me understood that though, I did not allow anyone to wait on the set. “

There is speculation about Kapil Sharma because of the show’s low TRP. However, Kapil has dismissed reports, “It is a big word for me (laughing). In addition to low blood pressure, I am not facing any health problems. I take care of my diet and body. I have started now, I am completely fine. “Related image

On throwing a set on the set: “At the set, there are times when some situations are not in your hand, just because those circumstances could not be controlled by me, people did not call me ‘Tantric King’ is. “kapil-and sunil

Since his fight with Sunil Grover, he is being very negative about him and has been written about him: “Honestly, I do not really understand why people are spreading so much negativity about me. Man (laughs) Initially, these negativity bothered me but now it does not matter to me. What matters to me is my audience; The support I have no stress and pressure on the TRP. I want to work for them and will continue. “kapil sharma

On the next production film, Firangi: “Yes, the shooting of my film Firangi has finally ended, now my only focus will be on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. My team and I are working hard to entertain the audience . “

Lastly, the rumors of ‘Kapil Sharma show’ are closing: “Believe me or not, I have to hear such news from the media people. None of the Sony channels came to me and talk about it In fact, the channel has always shown mercy to me; they support me a lot: ‘Kapil Sharma’ is not going to air; we are busy shooting for it. ”

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