Jab Harry Met Sejal actor Shahrukh Khan: It looks the most beautiful to be a star

King of Romance, Shah Rukh Khan, who played a small role in Fan, Dear Zindagi and Raees, will also become as Harvinder Singh who is also known as Harry in Jab Harry Met Sejal. During a conversation the actor talked about Stardom and his upcoming movie.

You have already given 10 interviews. How are you still so energetic?

I am just happy to inform people about the film. People are going to choose I have said it earlier and I will say it again – a film is one of the few products where you will not get your money back. You can not exchange it, you can not complain under the Consumer Protection Act. I have been made to understand that it is expensive for a middle class family to watch a movie in the theater. If you are a responsible producer for the last 25 years, then you need to tell: this is lemon or dessert

You are promoting Pocket Jab Harry Mate Sejal as a ‘pure love story’. How important was it to work in such a movie during this period of your career?

This is a very personal decision of acting in the love story when I finished the fan and the rises – one was physically very intense and the second, just intense – both were very different from regular commercial movies – I wanted to go to space in the morning, Make a love story with a new language. I have enough love stories to attract them. I Imtiaz Ali met me one evening and said that he has a very simple film in his mind. He told me the story in 20 minutes. It is important for me to tell such a story. I hope people are in the mood to see it. The films that I used to tell were important to me, but people did not see them.

Are you called ‘King of Romance’? Is there a conscious decision to work from time to time in films, which are not love stories?

I came from the theater I had made such roles that nobody had thought or dismissed them. I did a Baazigar (1993), a darar (1993). Then, I will take a love story – Dilwale Dulhania (1995). I did that film for five years in my career as an actor, then reality struck me: Probably, there are love stories that have been for 25 years. People love him – this is not just me, but the movie. Normally, if a movie loves, everyone loves in the movie. Fortunately for me, some of my love stories have been loved for a long time.

Whenever I am asked to be part of the love story, then I will do it. In the middle, I can do an opinion, fan or dear life. I like doing it like I said, I do not design movies, I want to be a part of those films, whose role I can essay. This is not a paradox, but a star actor is trying to find the best combination for himself and enjoying it. If I had not chosen films like this then I would feel bored

Do you think love stories are a way of avoiding reality from Indians?

There is a feeling that everyone feels love in different ways. I can assure you that not everyone has made meditation, peace, sadness or all their lives very happy. All those who have realized that is love – combination can be human beings, parents, mother-son or boy-girl is the reason that it is universally known that there are big stories to see love stories. For example, in some way you are related to Doctor Zivago, Love Story or Harry Mate Sally. If you do not, then you hope that love is understood by humans completely. When you do not understand anything, it’s really good to know more about it. Yes, I am a lover. I have felt the love. There is no way to avoid it, there is something that you want.shah rukh khan, shah rukh khan images, shah rukh khan pics, shah rukh khan photos, shah rukh khan pictures

In a previous interview with this letter, you said that you used to hope that Raj and Simran (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge) were living happily ever after. Do you think about the journey of your character beyond ‘the end’?

Yes, it is. As we return stories, I also want to look forward, too. Therefore, the introduction and epilogue are very important. We do not always show it but, as an actor and storyteller, it is important for me to know what happened. A love story continues forever You want to know what happened to Raj and Simran or Harry and Sejal? I believe, Harry and Sejal had three children. I do not know why I feel like this. I can do anything to them, it is very strong they decided to go to a small town for a while. Now, he works as an advocate. Harry takes time and writes a book I think, he will be a working partner and Harry will only take care of the children’s comfort and care.

Is it always a they-lived-happily-ever-after scenario? Could they be divorced?

I do not divorce any of my characters. I take a lot of pain to get the girl. I travel to the seven seas to complete it. I am not leaving her in a hurry.

How do you make your girlfriend’s screen image?

Personally, I have no image, in real life, there must be a star that is it. I do not plan my idea to go inside and out of an airport. I have no room to say that I am not as effective because I am in films. As far as the lover is concerned, when I am working, I am romantic as a normal boy. Raj and Rahul do not do anything. I really believe that a love story works because of a girl – even in real life. Women have to soak in it, take it, respect it and respect it. I have done Mohabbatan (2000) and Devdas (2002), where my characters have left their life for love. I do not think anyone does this. Take a woman for a candle-lit dinner, I can do it anytime.

Now you have been in the public eye for 25 years. And you are very open about the fact that you enjoy StarDom

Being a star is spectacular and none of this is about self-absorption or promoting ego. Hundreds of people are standing outside my house; I can not get out of the airports; I was pushed around; When I get out of my family, I can not eat properly in the restaurant, my son (Abram) goes out and why are they taking the waves without knowing about the people? When I stand on stage in a stadium, there will be one million cameras that will click my picture together. It looks the most beautiful to be a star. I have no other profession, I will be in. I am lucky to be a star. I appreciate it. I have no complaints about being a star, I will never say: ‘It is great, but the media is always checking you out’

In the past, you have stepped, for example, when photos of Suhana appeared in the media …

It’s not just for the happiness. It could have been for any 14 year old girl as a father, I would tell her, ‘Baby, keep your Instagram private for the next time’ If you are on social media, people will say something to you Going. Since you are the children of a movie star, people will say 10 times more – good and bad. If you can take good, then you have to take it with the bad.

Now when Aryan and Suhana are getting ready to take steps in their professional life, are you worried about it?

I have said before – Staradam is part of my family, my children like it or dislike it, the way they like or dislike their father, mother or sister, it is neither special nor is their Is unimportant for They have to live with it. When I was older, I had no money to buy a house, sometimes, even for feeding myself. I worked towards making money, brought my children very well and educated, they know the reality through my standards. I ask them, ‘Can you accept me as a father, before and around me Starodom on the side? ‘ My kids do this. They are happy that I am a star, they keep telling me: ‘You have to be a star for a long time. Abaram has not seen madness around you, therefore, please keep on working hard’.shah rukh khan, shah rukh khan images, shah rukh khan pics, shah rukh khan photos, shah rukh khan pictures

Abram has seen insanity during the Eid, however, when a huge crowd turns to Mannat …

He does not understand it yet: Aryan asked the second day: ‘What does papa do?’ Abiram said: ‘Shooting’ Aryan asked: ‘Why do you like people like a papa?’ Abaram replied: ‘Because he is beautiful.’

What are your career high marks in the past 25 years?

The birth of my children, which I would club as a point, professional, juggler and door, when people did not expect me to be a bad guy, that stage was very good. Dilwale Dulhania … is important because I never thought I could become a romantic hero. I thought that someone would not accept me as a single high point is that I get an opportunity to talk about the life on those platforms which I have seen. Some of them are institutions which I wanted to study today, when I was asked to speak there, I get great respect. The highest point of my life is the weekend when I will lie down with my children and decide to watch a movie. I can do which film? This decision is not mine, anytime.

Do you have such a wonderful life? Is it a struggle to unite everyone together in this autobiography?

If I just wanted to understand what happened, then writing this would be an easy book. I have written this book only for my children, in a certain sense, in my head. I will not bore them with my accomplishments. I do not want to dramatize the happenings of my life. Some incidents from the book can be strange, because I tell them with phlegm. When I feel like this, I write that I was born of Aryan when the book started. When Suhana was born I did not complete it. Then, Abram was born. I have to make sure that he too is part of it. Therefore, I need to express more. Occasionally, when I am in an angry mood, I do not want to write.
I write the way to write my speeches later, I will help keep it in context. I want to believe it as true as possible. My children should not have the wrong experience of my feelings when they read a book. The viewers will have information about it. The reviewer will junk it, it will still sell a lot.

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