ICC Women’s World Cup Final, India vs England: MS Dhoni to Madonna, a team’s small step to dream of God

It can easily go down as a meeting of at least the former World Cup team. Just before going to London for ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup, coach Tushar Arora placed the Indian team in a room and asked a full-fledged question. : “Why are we taking this flight?” As soon as a resonance, some women responded, “To win the World Cup.” Like the army drill, many others repeated the answer to the answer, others shouted vigorously “I have heard that I looked at the group and I said that the meeting was over. The team was confident and had a clear goal. 50-year-old Artho says, is an experienced athlete of more than 100 first class games and Baroda is once a Ranji Trophy run machine.

This meeting has been almost a month, the blue women are now just a short walk to walk, which will justify the tournament before the tournament. To suspect these women Arothe should be a disappointing pessimist, although the jump of the gun is not one of her symptoms. On Sundays, England has to face a loaded Lords – where, despite the smoothly synchronized bursts of arrogant MCC members in their large red and gold silk blazers, despite their minority being easily screwed by scary triangular NRI Hope – Mithali Raj and her happy ladies have not troubled them.

On the way to his London hotel, Harmanpreet danced the track of Derby one day and straight into countless hearts and fixed the timetable of several Twitter across the world, the bus team had pulled it on St John’s Wood Road, Who were the Lords home. “It was a crazy scene as soon as we got closer to God, they were all excited, the last two days were far away, but it seems that they could not wait to get out on the ground. They did not even go in. What are these dreams, told Artooth the Sunday Express that time-lag on London’s WhatsApp call failed to fail to derail its thinking trains.

The coach is not a man of some words – the pre-cup one-and-a-question meeting was an exception. In the months leading up to his coaching career, Arloula doubled as a motivational speaker, a mind reader and sometimes a pirate of pain. He will also search for books that he thought would help his wards to relax and seek the speeches of those waiters who could inspire them. In many cricket courses, Martin Luther King and Swami Vivekananda are not included but Arotha did it differently. However, the mandatory Master Class of Sachin, Sehwag, Dhoni, VVS, Dravid have influenced the timetables of the girls. “These are all small, small things that are very effective, it should be understood by a coach, it can not be changed overnight, I would like to hear the women’s speeches by Martin Luther King and Swami Vivekananda, I will discuss each and every group of small groups I will talk to you, “he says.

Arothe also passes books on this small group of readers in the Indian dressing room. As the world, Mitali knows that a book on the Niger Hussain is to play with Fire. After capturing the TV cameras after reading it, the former England captain tweeted, “There is not much in that book about winning a semifinal world in that world”.
Other books written by David Gower and Ian Bothan, and an interesting non-cricketing biography are being changed among girls. “Raised this book on Madonna, it’s about her music and life. It is also being taught with interest, with inspirational short stories, even a lot has changed.”
These books, say coaches, are to relax, seeing the big innings by the legends of the game, they learn more mainstream lessons. Female app is not smart enough to make the technique or style of big boys cricket, Aroth’s approach is quite practical. For the beginning, they broke an ODI game for women systematically. “We used to talk about batting, power plays and the last four to five overs in the first 10 overs. I will show them how the great people have approached these steps for the bowlers and how, what kind of fields are set To do that, “he says.

To explain his method, to emphasize the point, the aeroth drops in a similarity: “If you need 120 runs in 15 overs, then you should know how to bat in that situation,” he says. So whose video showed them that they should understand this situation? Arothe gives a cheerful outfit during the World Cup finals against Sri Lanka and Dhoni (who else)? He is a perfectionist who aims to meet and meet a goal. ”

Arothe was hoping for knock like Dhoni on Sunday, there is a possibility that was similar to a visit that ended on April 2, 2011 in Wankhede. So far, both of them can be compared – as was the case with Dhoni and the company, the women of Mitali have also shared the burden. “We had this motto,” The match for the win of individuals, the effort of a team won the World Cup “,” he says. The facts and figures support the philosophy of eight matches, six different from Mithali and Dipti Sharma – Different Player of the Match winners respectively scored four centuries, two five wickets, and two centuries respectively, making Harmanpreet’s 171 runs at the highest run scorers and wickets.

After highly praised by his team, Arlose has dreamed of himself. “In 1983, we were all awake late in the night that Kapil Dev raised the cup of God’s god, I went to God, but never with that balcony,” he says Arothe, in 1983, an emerging The teenager was a cricketer, full of dreams. He would play 141 first-class matches but could not move ahead of international cricket. God’s balcony was angry. At the age of 50, thanks to being a group of Power-Puff Girls, Arothe receives a chance to live his dreams. To live in the balcony, and perhaps, see, take cup like Mithali Kapil Dev.

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