The Elder Scrolls Online: Horn’s of The Reach DLC Out Next Month

Elder Scrolls Online: The Reach DLC Out of Horn next month

The forthcoming DLC ​​Big Scroll will be out next month for the upcoming MMO. The title of DLC is Horn’s The Reach Name, and it is a Mintoutur-themed DLC pack for the game that will add new enemies, companions and objects along with two colonies. Currently we do not know about pricing, but we only know that ESO Plus members will get it for free.

As we know about the upcoming DLC, we know that the basement is called the Bloodroot Forge and its owner is Gearig Bullblood. In the dungeon, there is an “ancient, long forgotten forge, which was recently rediscovered by Reichman and his Minotas friends, the Forge, the rumor made by the Dedrich Prince Harrison, can create weapons of incredible power. During viewing the time, you will be able to reach the heart of the net through heavy vegetation and deep, lava-filled corridors and stop the plans of Gearig Bullblood. ”


DLC descends with the free update of the game, which will bring a new game mode for the title of POP. The mode seems quite difficult, because for as long as possible you will be forced to hold on the ball – while the ball gives armored and healing defफles and after a long time also damage your whole team.

To be the owner of changes in the game, you should at least extend the Elder Scrolls Morroind so that you have not caught a copy for those who have yet … sorry.

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