Donald Trump’s handshake Twitter buzzing with Poland’s first woman

At another strange moment in front of the camera, American President Donald Trump was hanged because he extended his hand to congratulate Poland’s first lady, who was trying to join hands with her wife Mélania correctly Was there. Poland’s President Andridge Duda thought of many people on the social media, as many people thought that Poland’s President Andridge Duda told Twitter that his wife actually did “some unfavorable reports” The hand was mixed.

Mr Trump was with his wife on Thursday in Warsaw, Poland. During the official photocall, Mr. Trump first joined hands with Mr. Duda. Then he turned his right hand on turning towards Poland’s first lady Agta Kornhauser-Duda. It happened when he went right to his wife, and joined hands with her, as Mr. Trump saw.

Ms. Kornhauser-Duda revolted around again and joined hands with Mr. Trump.

Funny moments, however, no one’s attention was paid to Twitter, many of its posting GIFs call it “irritability”. Others said that it is more likely that Ms. Cornhauser-Dude did not only greet the President of the United States.

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