Delhi Government Had 787 Crore Green Fund, Spent Little, Finds RTI

New Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal’s government raised Rs. 787 crores have been in the form of environment cess in two years but have spent only a fraction of the fight against pollution, the right to information or the RTI question has been exposed.

Since the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) had assumed power in Delhi in 2015, Delhi Government has spent 93 lakh rupees with the environment set, which is 0.12 percent.

RTI activist Sanjiv Jain said, “Around 787,12,67,000 have been received, but only a few lakhs have been spent.”

Critics of AAP have kept a large unused component as an indication that their statements to deal with pollution are predominantly blurred.

Last week, there was thick dust in Delhi, residents resorted to emergency measures like complaints of breathing, eyes and dizziness, and closure of schools. The Kejriwal government blamed neighboring Punjab and Haryana for setting fire to the fields, in which the farmers overthrew the crop or sprinkle the crop.

Chief Minister Kejriwal today met his Haryana counterpart ML Khattar for a meeting, which was a lot more public and publicly. The two leaders said in a statement, “We agreed to the need to take action on several measures aimed at predicting the event again in the winter of 2018.”

The blight cloud, 10% of the toxic fog has been blamed on the combination of thick cloud, construction dust, vehicle exhaust and illegal crop burning.

The National Green Tribunal yesterday questioned the AAP government on its plan to introduce strange rules in Delhi, who had asked why the government did not add more buses to the city. The plan is in the grip because the government has failed to convince the green court to accept the exemption given to women and two-wheelers.

Today, AAP leaders said that Environment Cess will be used to buy electricity buses.

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