You have to check that Priyanka Chopra will appear as a Catwoman in DC Extended Universe

Priyanka Chopra is a popular fan, such as Betwoman and Spider-Woman’s superheroes, and rumors on the internet also show that fans want to watch Selena Kyle aka Catwoman, in-film Gotham City Siren. .

Nothing has really been confirmed so far, Boslogic – a popular artist, known for his ultra-real superhero fan art – recently had let us see how it might sound like an actor catwoman. Artwork Pixie is depicted as a fan-favorite character with more modern (and suicide squad-eyes). Purple taned hair and harley queen-ask tattoos can not really be too much like hardcore DC comics will like fans, but still give us a good idea about how it might look in the role.

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Although actors like Ishza Gonzalez, Elijah Dushu, Lina Hedi, Aubrey Plaza, Halley Bennett and Anne Hathaway have been suggested as a popular runner for this role, Priyanka herself was quoted earlier this year, in which He had an interest in playing a superhero.

Chopra said, “My dream is part, now that I am working in America, I definitely want to be a superhero.” “When I think of American films, are they super heroes for ages? That’s why I definitely want to play a superhero and make me an interesting super power.”

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