Bigg Boss 11 7th October 2017 episode 7 LIVE update: Vikas Gupta loses his cool when Akash Dadlani calls him gay and abuses him verbally

One of the most controversial first elimination weekends on Big Boss 11! Unaware of the fact that Salman Khan’s chalet is next to the house, he is surprised to find out from entering the house from inside. By Bappi Lahiri, even today, the seasonal musician Salman complains about Sirimati’s voice and complaint about how competitors did not sleep on him. Salman puts a hint on the tonight’s episode to remove more than one contestant. Then we see a glimpse of what happened in the house this week.

Salman tells viewers how they are talking in the house, they can not show them. Salman then addresses competitors, telling them how viewers are talking about him, nonstop outside of the house. After that, he presents a video of two people in his house as a copy of ‘Bang Bang’. Akash Dadlani, Arshi Khan and some others perform enthusiastically. Salman then tells competitors why they need to wake up and ask them to introspect till they come back. We can see the footage of how Zubair Khan uses the wrong language at home.

We see another footage of the contestants fighting each other and are condemning each other, Salman has announced the contestants again for the week. Salman is given ultimatum to Zubair before the other candidates get ahead, who have been nominated. Salman then asks the candidates to vote for the worst performers of the week. Hiten Tejwani, Hina Khan and Priyanka Sharma voted for Arshi Khan to get problematic.

Everyone even votes for Arshi, but Shilpa’s vote for Hilton does not stand for anyone in the house. Salman agreed to say that Hitin never stood up or whenever he was being humiliated by women in the house, he was very scared to speak. Salman asked Arshi to sit on a sanding bullock to change his clothes when Sapna Chaudhary commented on his clothes.

Salman warns him and tells everyone that any kind of comment about religion, sexual preference or anybody’s clothes will not be tolerated at home. Salman goes ahead with Zubair how he feels while commenting on the women of the house. Salman appealed to him to use abusive language and reminded him that he entered the show so that his children could see him.

He asks whether he will use those words in front of his sister or his wife, he also refused to call Jubair not to call brother. He screamed Zubber and said that not to use the old language that people of the hill country still do not use it. Jubair tells him that everyone has explained to him and he is trying to change. Salman asked him what he has done in life and finds out that he is not related to Dawood Ibrahim family in any way.

He again rebuked the hit that he was not trying to talk to Zubair about his behavior when he spoke to Arshi, Hilen called himself to say that he was trying to stop Zubair And it was one of those reasons, because of which he nominated them. Then he told Hina how he feels that Arati is sitting on the bullock.

Hina says she does not want to be in the worst case for Arshi, but she wants to ask Arshi about all those things she had with them. Salman asks why he was silent, when Zubair was using humiliating language with Arshi, because he told a lot about the empowerment of women on the role of Khatri. All the people in the house clap

Hina explains that Salman had said that he did not want to abuse his house that he only scares with them. The Akash blames Hina, Vikas and Zubair for all the bad things in the house. Arshi starts talking about how people are insulting her at home. Salman then stops him and says that he is not less than Jubair in terms of language. She closes Arashi down

He then blames Hina because she is not as firmly opposed to Shilpa Shetty against Zubair. Hina is saying that Zubair listens when she is talking, but Shilpa did not do this. He also says that Arshi has also used abusive language and says that it is she who is motivating Zubair to disrespect women in the house.

Hina then asks Salman that when Arshi was insulting her in the house, she did not take any interruption for him. She says that she has taken a stand for everyone in the house and started crying. Salman says that people also talk about him, and you do not see him crying about it. Hina then tells her that she lasts for 24 hours with him and then she tells him that the show is very much expected from Hina and she is capable of fighting her battles.

Salman asks Arshi why he was so silent when Zubair was using all the dirty words for him, when he gives an explanation when Vikas Gupta interferes and says that Arshi is not dependable and his version of truth changes.

As soon as he leaves, the contestants start taunting each other. Arshi and Shilpa leave the living area. Everyone starts threatening each other. Hina dares them to say the word ‘Gay’. Salman then decides to show them how they have behaved in the house. He even takes off his jacket. The contestants see a footage of their moments in the house.

Salman then scolds Arshi for taunting Vikas about his sexual preferences. Vikas then tells Salman how Akash keeps taunting him and asking him to ‘suck @3$&’. Akash tries to defend himself but Salman cuts him and says that he will kick his butt. Salman tells everyone that there is a limit to everything in the house and no one is allowed to cross that line.

Zubair then tells Salman that he is getting a headache from all the yelling. Salman shuts him up and leaves. Salman then turns to the audience and tells them that the contestants have crossed a line in the house. He tells viewers that no matter how many TRPs the channel wants, he will make sure he sorts these guys out.

Cut to footage from last night when a few contestants were seen rapping. Akash and Vikas get into a heated argument where Akash calls him gay. Priyanka warns Akash to not get personal but Akash doesn’t stop. Akash starts abusing and Vikas loses his cool. Both, Akash and Vikas, start abusing each other. The fight gets ugly when Priyank gets involved and slaps Akash.

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