Big Boss 11, November 17: Captain Task, Worst Performer … Take Important Decisions Tonight

NEW DELHI : Punish Sharma, Bandagi Kalra and Luv Tyagi had got the captaincy of the captain on Thursday’s episode of Big Boss 11. Tonight one of these three contestants will be completed, which will decide the next captain of the house. Puneesh, captive and love will do one thing, where every contestant has to get a bowl of water with his own hands. While working, the trio does not sit or lie, and the ball has to catch up to further instructions. Those who fail to comply with the rules will be declared disqualified. The winner will be decided whose bowl will be based on high water content.

Later in the day, Big Boss would ask contestants to name a contestant, who according to him was the worst actor in the luxury budget task. Puneesh, Luv and Vikas Gupta played the role of dinosaur in the work concluded last night. He was asked to crush the pictures of other competitions, which he did not want to become the next captain. Puneesh and Love won the work while the last picture of Bandi was left. Therefore, the three became the claimants for the captaincy.

The Big Boss 11 house currently has 10 contestants. Loupe is the only competitor from the Padosis Group. Priyanka Sharma was entering the house again a few weeks ago. They were fired in the opening week for violating a rule. Hina Khan, Benafa Shanwalla and Sapna Chaudhary have been nominated for the eviction this week.

Who do you think will be the next captain of the house? See this place for more stories related to Big Boss 11?

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