778 Medical students cancels admission: Blame game starts

The decision of India to cancel the admission of 778 medical students in Puducherry has blown the blame game among various government officials.

Chief Minister V Narayanasamy accused MIC and a preventive governor, Kiran Bedi, that MCI and the court have accused the permanent entrance committee appointed (PAC) in the case of ignoring irregularities in private medical colleges.

HT for the first time on September 13 had informed that MCI reiterated the PAC report on the large scale intrusion in the admission process and canceled more than 70% admissions in all seven private medical colleges in the state last year.

All 778 candidates were discharged in the second year of MBBS course.

MCI canceled admission in a letter dated 7 September, saying that colleges have not shown any evidence of fairness and transparency in the admission procedure … ”

After the order was issued, Bedi complained that during the admission the sacrifice was made for the merit.

After receiving the complaints of parents, an investigation by them found that in 2016, the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Examination (NEET), 1,200 students who attended Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, or MBBS, 778.

Talking to HT on the phone from the state capital, Pondicherry, Narayanasamy said that his government appointed Central Admissions Committee (Centak) only counseling for those who had sought admission under the state quota.

MCI did not find any discrepancy in that process, he said.

For all-India or irregularities in management quota, the Chief Minister said, “It is the responsibility of monitoring the entry process with MCI and PAC.”

He said that according to the previous year’s norms, the state government was expected to give all the candidates’ applications in advance in the form of all India quota for college management.

“There was no role in the entrance of MCI and PAC admission process,” said Narayanasamy. .

Narayanasamy has annoyed the BJP government at the Center for changing the rules of rules every year and said that it is in confusion.

Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi, who has been stuck in several issues with the Congress government of the state, though the Chief Minister claimed that the state government has no role in the admission process.

He said that in a meeting with Chief Minister, Health Minister and senior officials on September 1 last year, it was decided that the state government would monitor the admission process through Centak.

Bedi made a few minutes of meeting to strengthen her claim.

“The admissions committee has withdrawn itself from monitoring the admission process, hence the central government will monitor the entry process,” the minutes of the meeting were recorded

Bedi also alleged that the PAC had reported large scale irregularities on October 21, 2016 but the state government was “silent”.

He said, “Students faced because issues were not addressed in a timely manner so that they could feel the urgency and integrity.” He said, “Government, bureaucracy and politicians have rooted in interest and this is the reason that the situation has come so far,” he alleged.

He also demanded strict action against serious colleges.

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