10 Best Food Apps That Will Make Your Lives A Lot Easier

In this age of modernization and internet taking over the world, a click on the smartphone can do wonders. You may agree that applications (or apps, as they are more commonly referred to now) on our smartphones have made lives easier and all the more better. Where people were reluctant to try something new earlier, they have now become open to experiment and to innovate with an out-of-the-box approach. In India, the number of food apps has mushroomed to more than a 100 and still continues to grow. We list out 10 best food apps for you with interesting USPs which make them exclusive and distinctive in more ways than one.

1. Travelkhana

Did you ever wish to savour your favourite food while travelling in train and skip the menu served on board? Well, maybe someone just heard you! Travelkhana is an app for passengers who travel in the Indian Railways. This app offers a variety of choices to a railway passenger so that they can order their favourite food as per their liking and taste while they are travelling. Travelkhana’s automated platform tracks train in real time across India and ensures fresh food is delivered to passengers on time. This app is certainly bliss for all those regular passengers who do not like the fixed menu on our trains or simply want to try something new. Travelkhana is currently available on Android phones.

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Travelkhana is an app for passengers who travel in the Indian Railways

2. Google Areo

The most recently launched food app Google Areo is an app by the biggest search engine Google. Like many others, Google has stepped in food delivery as well as home service businesses across many parts of India. Areo allows users to order meals from nearby restaurants or schedule appointments with local professionals. So it gives you best of both the worlds, making your life all the more easier. It is currently operating in Bangalore and Mumbai and plans to expand all over India very soon.  Google Areo is currently available on Android phones.

3. RailYatri

Railyatri is a Noida based tech startup and a brainchild of Kapil Raizada, Sachin Saxena and Manish Rathi, all from IITs and IIMs. Railyatri is a unique train travel content creator that provides the most comprehensive information on trains, passenger amenities, food, time tables, platform information, speed of the train and much more. It has wide array of features that support the user in every facet of their train travel, which also includes ordering food. The food service is available at more than 150 stations. So much in one app, so many features, helping passengers at just one click! RailYatri is available on Android phones.

food wastage

The Railyatri food service is available at more than 150 stations​

4. FoodBox

FoodBox, a foodtech startup is an ‘online food shopping app’ from Mumbai. The app gives a lot many food options to choose from. The menu will let you know the food items you will be getting for online ordering and arranging home delivery. Keep a track of your food order; know about the hot deals now and then under your own user profile which is password protected and safe from online frauds. You can also keep your favourite dishes in the favourite tab to order it again without wasting much time.  This app is available on Android and iOS phones.

5. TinMen

If you love the concept of dabbawallahs delivering homemade food to you at your work-place, then TinMen is just the perfect and modern version of these dabbawallahs.  Based in Hyderabad, TinMen ties up with the home chefs to deliver homemade food to office goers across the city. TinMen basically works on a B2B (business to business model). Companies that offer food to their employees during working hours can recharge the TinMen wallet with a certain amount.  Employees can then order food using this app till such time that the amount runs out. TinMen is available on Android phones currently.

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Based in Hyderabad, TinMen ties up with the home chefs to deliver homemade food to office goers​

6. HolaChef

Holachef is a food delivery platform that serves food made by renowned chefs to your doorstep. The menu changes everyday and there are several with delectable options to  made fresh by the chefs from across the country. The meal comes in a ready-to-eat package where you won’t have the hassle to serve it for yourself. To order or pre-order, all you need to do is, go on the app, enter your location and there, a new menu gazing at your hungry self. Select your dish/meal; choose a time slot and pay. That’s how easy it gets with every click. HolaChef is available on Android phones, iOS and Windows phones.

7. Foodcloud

Foodcloud is an online portal that connects foodies with home chefs and caterers in Delhi/NCR and Kolkata. All you need to do is get started by browsing the cuisine, chef or a dish from the options. You can also review and rate the best chefs according to your preference. The best part about this app is that it has over 300 chefs and 100 plus meals to choose from depending on what is your mood every day. It promises a personalised meal on time and is currently available on Android phones.


Foodcloud is an online portal that connects foodies with home chefs in Delhi/NCR and Kolkata​

8. Million Kitchen

What if you smell something amazing that’s cooking in your neighbourhood and had an option to order it in piping hot at your workplace? Well, it is not a futuristic thought anymore!  Million Kitchen, an app that works on ‘hyperlocal homemade food on the cloud’ is an enterprise by the Delhi- based NGO Swechha  that allows women hailing from various socio-economic backgrounds to earn money using their special cooking skills. This app has taken ghar ka khana to a whole new level and we couldn’t be more excited. Say for example you are craving for mutton curry, so this app will look up someone who is cooking mutton curry in a 5-7 kilometer radius and make it available to you! This app is available on Android phones and is currently operating in Delhi.

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Million Kitchen, is an app that works on ‘hyperlocal homemade food on the cloud’​

9. Brekkie

Are you that person who loves unique and different breakfast options every day? Well then, Brekkie is the perfect bet for you.  Brekkie offers unique and innovative breakfast options for the people in Bangalore. You can order your preferred meal between 7 am to 11.30 am through their app and the breakfast reaches you within a short period of time. You can also subscribe to their weekly and monthly packages for an economical way to enjoy a scrumptious breakfast every single day. It is available on Android phones.

10. My Plate Calorie Tracker

If you are a health conscious person and want to gorge on healthy yet tasty food, My Plate Calorie Tracker is a good option for you. This app offers simple calorie tracker and personalised menu to help you shed the required weight. The daily nutrition charts and graphs help track of your eating habits and give you necessary options to lead a healthier life. It is available on Android phones.

healthy food

If you are a health conscious person, My Plate Calorie Tracker is a good option for you

So, do tell us which ones you love and would definitely give a try!

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